di Cagliari

BereBene 2016

Nuragus: Oscar Qualità-Prezzo del Gambero Rosso

The light is the white and blinding light of the islands. And this city is an island inside an island, surrounded as it is by water and reflection. Here, the wind mixes up the perfumes of sea and land. Telling tales of adventures and walls to climb, the sun comes down and people listen, sitting on the promenade, with a  glass of light in the hand.


Classification: Nuragus di Cagliari DOC (Controlled designation of origin)
Grape varieties: Nuragus 100%
Place of origin:
vineyard of Acquasassa estate; south side – Serdiana
clay-limestone soil at about 160 meters above sea level
mediterranean, mild winters with limited rainfalls; sunny and windy summers
Average age of the vineyard:
15 years
Training system:
espaliered bushes. Implantation density of 5000 plants per ha and production of 70-80 quintals

Harvesting: by hand, in small baskets of 20 kg each ones and grapes selection in the wine cellar.
last decade of September

Winemaking procedure: pressing in pneumatic presses with very soft action, the must is cold-clarified by natural decanting. Fermentation in stainless steel vats at about 16°C, in order to enhance its original characteristics. Left to develop on its lees before to be bottled

Tasting notes:

  • Colour: Straw yellow
  • Nose: Fragrant with aromatic nuances of essential herbs
  • Palate: Rich flavour with a pleasant softness

Storage: protected from light/controlled light, horizontal bottle, constant temperature 17°C, Humidity 70%.
Serving temperature: 9-11°
Food Matches: Fregola (small balls of semolina) and sardininan little gnocchi (malloreddus) cooked at the Carlortina way (pesto, basil, olive oil, cherry tomatoes), semi cured cheeses. Sea bass with vernaccia wine, capon with potatoes and fresh cherry tomatoes

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