Monica di Sardegna

There is nothing better than listening to tales than accompanying them with a glass of wine. The better the wine, the more intriguing the tale; the more intriguing the wine, the better the tale. And this tale tells about a red wine to which everyone asked why it was called like a woman. The wine answered from the glass with a smile, thinking about all the stories that could be told.



Classification: Monica di Sardegna D.O.C (Controlled designation of origin)
Grape varieties:
Monica 100%
Place of origin:
Audarya estate – Serdiana
clay-limestone soil at about 200 meters above sea level
mediterranean, mild winters with limited rainfalls; sunny and windy summers
Average age of the vineyard:
20 years
Training system:
espaliered bushes. Implantation density of 5000 plants per ha and production of 60-70 quintals

Harvesting: by hand, in small baskets of 20 kg each ones and grapes selection in the wine cellar. Season: last decade of October

Winemaking procedure: Cold maceration of the grapes, fermentation in stainless steel vats, for 15-18 day at about 23° Short aging on its fine lees in order to a natural stabilisation of the wine

Tasting notes:

  • Colour: Intense ruby with a typical Monica undertone.
  • Nose: Intense wine which noticeably exalts the natural aromas of the grape variety.
  • Palate: fresch with a pleasant softness, well-equilibrated

Storage: protected from light/controlled light, horizontal bottle, constant temperature 17°C, Humidity 70%.
Serving temperature: 18°C
Food Matches: Pasta with grouper meat sauce, tuna steak. Lamb stew, goat cheese cream

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