The Audarya vineyards cover an area of 37 hectares, divided into four different estates in the countryside of Serdiana and Ussana municipalities.

Thanks to its perfect position over the hill and the micro-climate, it is possible to grow the principal traditional grape varieties and more. The soil is mostly clay rich and chalky-sandy.

The three estates located in the countryside of Serdiana benefit from a wonderful landscape, from here we can admire the ancient church of Saint Mary of Sibiola, dating back to the roman-pisan period, and Su Stani Saliu, a small salt water pond where, from January to May, we can admire the pink flamingos.

Audarya Estate

The Audarya estate covers an area of 7 hectares. It represents the heart of the company, and right here, surrounded by green, is located our winery.
Situated on a hill, about 200 meters above sea level, surronded by a fantastic landscape, from here we can admire the roman-pisan church of Saint Mary of Sibiola.
In this estate, whose soil is clayey, we grow: Cannonau, Bovale, Vermentino e Malvasia.

Acquasassa Estate

The Acquasassa estates, composed for the majority of clay-limestone soil, expands for 6 hectares in a hill about 160 meters above sea level.

Is Crabilis Estate

Is Crabilis estate is situated in the countryside of Ussana, and it expands for 11 hectares on a calcareous-sandy hill, at about 200 meters above sea level.

Su Stani Estate

Su Stani estate gets its name from the famous pond “Su Stani Saliu”, a salted pond close to the estate.
It covers a surface of 11 hectares and is located on a hill, the soil is sandy soil and benefits from a perfect micro-climate for growing the traditional sardinian grape varieties.

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