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Vermentino di Sardegna


Wine from overripe grapes

About Us

It is from a long-lasting century tradition that Audarya was born. A perfect mix of tradition and desire for innovation.
An area of 35 hectares of vineyards, where in the middle is located our winery.
A winery that is also a place for tasting, while admiring the vineyards with the gaze meandering up to the old church of Sibiola, in the other side of the valley.
Here are the big vat-room, the wine cellar, the barrels, the tanks, the bottling room and our offices. Here, you can find a small museum of wine, with tools of the last century, recovered and restored.

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09040 Serdiana | Cagliari | Sardegna | Italy
Loc. Sa Perdera | SS 466 km. 10,100 | +39 070 740437


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